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Maruti Suzuki launches Lubes in India

Maruti Suzuki launches Lubes in India

A move that may heap on the competition among lube suppliers in the world’s third-largest lubricant market could be the launch of Ecstar brand of lubricants and coolants in the country by India’s largest car manufacturer, Maruti Suzuki. Maruti claims that Ecstar has passed rigorous tests that contribute to a superior performance by up to 2.8 per cent and fuel economy by up to 3.5 per cent. Maruti will offer Ecstar to its customers at the Nexa Service workshops. It will also be available at authorized Suzuki dealerships. Several lube suppliers have tie-ups with original equipment manufacturers, and the entry of the Ecstar brand could increase competition among players as they seek to grow their market share in the country

Impact of GST: GP Petroleums to Shift Daman Plant

Impact of GST: GP Petroleums to Shift Daman Plant

The central sales tax exemption available for production and sales from Daman has been discontinued after implementation of GST. Moreover, the lease period of the Daman plant is getting expired on 15th Dec 2017. Thus, it has been decided by company management to discontinue production and sales from Daman plant and shift the same to Vasai plant where suffcient unutilized capacity is available. The Company intend to set up new green feld lubricant plant at 11 acre company owned freehold land situated at Valsad (Gujarat). The estimated capacity of plant will be 100,000 KL which will replace the combined production capacity of Daman Plant. The logo & name of the Group (of which the Company is a part) has been changed, from Gulf Petrochem to GP Global.

HPCL Launches Lubes in Myanmar

HPCL launches lubes in Myanmar

HPCL has become the frst Oil Marketing Company (OMC) from India to mark its presence in the lubricant market in Myanmar, and to lend more visibility and awareness to the brand, a well-designed product launch was scheduled in two major cities there. Having achieved the number one position in the domestic market, HP Lubricants sought to prove itself in foreign shore by venturing into Myanmar. “Having achieved the number one position in the domestic market, HP Lubricants sought to prove itself on foreign shores by venturing into Myanmar,” the company said in a statement. HPCL operates India’s largest base oil refnery and produces over 300 lubricant products, specialty oils and greases. The company sells its lubricants through a network of 213 lube distributors and 14,412 retail outlets across India.

Gulf Oil Sets Sights on B2B Segment

Gulf Oil Sets Sights on B2B Segment

India’s focus on infrastructure development offers opportunities for a strong fscal year 2017-2018 in both consumer and business-to-business segments, Gulf Oil Lubricants India Ltd. noted in its annual report. The government’s Make in India initiative involves expansion, construction and modernization of roadways, metro networks and ports. The boost in infrastructure development will augur well for the company’s future growth, Gulf Oil said. Consumer automotive lubricants account for about 67 percent of the company’s sales volumes. The rest are in the commercial, or B2B segment, which covers industrial oils; mining, construction and agricultural equipment lubricants; original equipment manufacturer tie-ups and government supply contracts; and commercial fleet deals. “We plan to increase exposure to the B2B segment for tapping the beneft from the reviving road construction, industrial and OEM activities,” Gulf Oil Managing Director Ravi Chawla said in the report.

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